Why teachers need HR training?

Why teachers need HR training?

Teachers are the friends, philosophers and guides to their students. The impact of a teacher upon his students is very deep.

“The impact of a professionally well-equipped and committed teacher on thousands of learners extends over four decades of his or her professional life. So does the impact of a teacher who is ill-trained, insufficiently skilled and not committed to the profession”, says J.S. Rajput, a former director of the NCERT.

An ideal teacher is the one who is resourceful in his respective subject, who takes students beyond the class room and explore the world of knowledge, who shows concern over his students and who is interested in the overall welfare and development of his students.

However, in the present situation which is prevailing in the educational institutions, teachers have very less time to spend for their students who face psychological problems.

Secondly they too do not possess the necessary skills to counsel and guide the students. Inexperienced teachers mishandle situations. They try to control the students and they want implicit obedience from their students including the adolescents. They do not try to understand the feelings of their students.  

Teachers do a simple but really a grave mistake of comparing these poor students with other bright students and humiliate them. They are not taught how to face failures. Students become emotional and disturbed a lot psychologically. During such situations some run away from families, some even go to the extreme step of committing suicide. 

When the students face a lot of problems like - stress, anxiety, depression, fear, confusion about career, impulsive behavior, poor concentration in studies, emotional turbulence, mood swings, low self esteem, lack of goal in life - it is the teachers responsibility to guide the students efficiently. Hence it is high time that we should think of providing the necessary HR training  for all the teachers. 

It is definitely the need of the hour!