You are a Mine! Explore Yourself! - 3 Days Workshop

In the Name of God, the Merciful…

Here is a unique Workshop designed for College students for Personal and Interpersonal Excellence

You are a Mine! Explore Yourself!!

Designed and Conducted by Counselor Mansoor 
[Author, Student Counselor, Facilitator in HRD]

Special Features of this workshop 

1. Human Resource Development

The hidden talents in each individual are referred to as Human Resources. Unless one is aware of his/her individual potentials one cannot make a meaningful life of their own. Generally this leads to having inferiority complex and lack self-confidence. So identification and development of the hidden potentials is very much essential for each and every student. This course will provide insight for the students that will enable them to choose the right career for their life.

2. Emotional Wisdom

Feelings and Emotions are powerful human resources. Regulation of one’s feelings and emotions is a very important priority for any individual who want to succeed in their career and personal life in general. Emotional intelligence training is the talk of the town nowadays. Teaching students on how to regulate one’s feelings and emotions is another unique feature of our workshop. They are to be taught the importance of understanding the feelings of others as well, register their feelings whenever necessary and regulate their emotions in an intelligent way. 

3. Personal Leadership

Leadership is making people accept responsibilities. Also leadership is an 
influential process where one influences others intellectually and gets influenced by others. By developing leadership qualities and communication skills, students will be endowed with self-confidence to take up initiative and accept leadership challenges in life. This is one of the unique special feature of our course.

4. Premarital Counseling

Nowadays, our younger generation is utterly confused about what is real love, the institution of marriage and family life. Many make wrong choices in a hurry and depressed later. As a group, students are provided with what is called Premarital Counseling. This is a very important unique feature of our workshop. 

5. Excel in Examinations

Many of our students find a lot of psychological difficulties while facing examinations such as anxiety, impulsiveness, pessimism, lack of memory, lack of time management and depression. This module addresses all such problems of students and help them overcome these difficulties related to the examinations.

There will be Group Discussions, Question-Answer sessions, and Live dialogues! This workshop is innovative! Informative! Beneficial and Motivational!