Feedback statements by class XI Students

You are a Mine! Discover Yourself! Workshop for XI STD students

A unique workshop on “You are a Mine! Discover Yourself!” was conducted for class XI students, Nagore Crescent School for Girls on August 02, 2017. A few feedback statements by the students are given below:

“You gave us very interesting information.”

“It was very useful, interesting and we hope we can mould ourselves better and excellent by this session. Now we could explore our talents and understand it. Thank you for your kind speech.”

“It is very useful for us. You are teaching clearly. Your orientation method is nice. The way of teaching is very well. It is not boring. It’s so interesting. We are lucky to have like this class. Thanking you for coming to our school. Please visit our school again.”

“It is a very useful session. We come to know our talents and uniqueness. We realize our hidden talents. Thanking you for inspiring us.”

“It helps us to discover ourselves. This motivates us to believe in ourselves. You are the best counselor ever. It helped to find out my potentials.”

“Your teaching is very excellent. It is very useful to our future. We know the meaning of human resource development. We are awaiting for 12th counseling, insha Allah.”

“We all like your coaching very much. It is so good. It is so interesting. We learnt so much things from it. We are proud to learn more things from you. Give more coaching for us. Thanking you.”

“The whole day went useful.”


“எங்கள் திறமைகளை நாங்கள் முழுமையாக அறிந்து கொண்டோம். ஆர்வத்தோடு அனைத்திற்கும் பதிலளித்தோம். எங்களது பல திறமைகள் இதன் மூலம் வெளிப்பட்டன. இந்த நிகழ்ச்சி சிந்திக்காதவரையும் சிந்திக்க வைத்தது.”