Facilitator Certification in Islamic Personal Development

Bismillah al Rahman al Raheem 

Facilitator Certification in Islamic Personal Development 

Dear Brothers, Assalaamu ‘alaikum.

We are very glad to introduce to you about our Ten Days Certification Course titled: Facilitator Certification in Islamic Personal Development. This is a unique course based upon the Quran and Sunnah that is designed by S A Mansoor Ali ((Teacher, Author, Counselor and Trainer)). Once the participants are trained through this course, they will be able to conduct Islamic personal development workshops on their own!

The content and other details of the course are as follows:

The Course Content

1 Conviction in Faith
2 Success Through Salah
3 Human Resource Development and Self Discovery
4 Emotional Intelligence
5 Islamic Ethics and Inter personal excellence
6 Leadership and Communication skill
7 Marriage and Marital Relationship
8 Islamic Parenting
9 Spiritual Purification - Tazkiyatun Nafs
10 Teacher Effectiveness 

Details of the Course 

It is a Ten Day intensive course to become a trainer in Islamic  Personal Development. This ten day will be divided into two different sessions.
Minimum qualification: Pass in higher secondary school examinations. Special cases may be considered if necessary. Knowledge in English and fluency in Quran reading will be appreciated.
The course will be very rigorous with a lot of assignments and home work. Only committed persons are welcome.
Post session assignment: Once the participants complete the first session for 5 days, they are supposed to conduct at least two 2 hours workshops before attending the second 5 days session. Similarly they are supposed to conduct the same after the second 5 days session also.
It is only a gents program. Separate programs for ladies can be arranged if possible with strict regulations.
It is a certification course. Course certificates will be issued to all the participants.

Course Procedures

Course study materials will be provided to all the participants.
Punctuality will be very strictly followed for all the sessions of the course.
Working hours: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm on all the days with two tea breaks and one lunch/ prayer break.


S. A. Mansoor Ali B.Sc., M.A., B.Ed.,
(Teacher, Author, Counselor and Trainer)